SEO Trends in India you should not ignore

The Top 7 SEO Trends That Will Redefine 2018 in India

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as the acronym SEO has the potential to make or break your website rankings on a search engine. A website without a good SEO implementation is bound to go unnoticed by the popular search engines like Google that rely on keywords to award rankings.

Here, we shall discuss the top 7 SEO trends that you can adopt today or hire best SEO company in Chandigarh to redefine your website’s ranking status to an all-time high on popular search engines.seo trend

  1. Look for the Most Commonly Spoken Terms/Phrases

With the Google, Siri and Alexa voice assistants becoming wildly popular amongst the youth, it is a good idea to write as we speak. You need to focus on developing content that is very similar to the spoken language. Use of hefty and complicated words will not fetch you as much attention as simple and relatively popular synonyms for the same words.

  1. Choose a Responsive Website Design over an Adaptive One

Investment in a responsive design will help you create web pages that are fast to load. This act, especially on slow internet connection, will fetch you a good ranking on the search engine results.

  1. Build a QnA Format for the Content

The QnA format for the content is gaining popularity quickly because it is the way people usually search for an answer to their queries. Ever wondered why Quora usually always pops up on the first page of the search results? The only reason for this popularity is the adoption of QnA formatted content.

  1. Do Not Overlook Grammar and Tonality of the Content

With the rise in Artificial Intelligence and language-based search engines, you cannot afford to ignore the profound effect of correct grammar in your content. You cannot expect to rank higher in the search query by stuffing keywords in your content in an unreadable way. Ensure that your content is both readable as well as accessible to gain popularity and appreciation from the audience. Use of a professional CMS (Content Management System) will ensure that your content is readable even as long passages.

  1. Focus on Back-End Optimization

You need to lay enough emphasis on the back-end optimization of the website to help it load faster even on slow internet connections. Apart from this, you also need to focus on creating an accessible and fluid UX for the website, which makes navigation from one web page to another, easy.

  1. Use Relevant Tags Along with Infographics

Use of infographics with limited content and pictorial representation will help you provide true value to the readers. The way you present the content on your website is as important as the content itself.7 seo trend which improve ranking

  1. Generate Backlinks

Give and get backlinks from various similar and relevant websites to increase your ranking.

Laying equal emphasis on each of these points for SEO will help your website rank higher in a search engine’s search results. Make sure that you don’t run blindly behind good website rankings at the cost of user accessibility and readability in order to reap long-term benefits of SEO techniques.

SEO Tactics For 2018 That Work

Choosing The Best SEO Company in 2018

If you want to use SEO tactics for 2018 that help your site do better, you have come to the right place. Here, you can get some tips on how to use search engine optimization to your advantage in 2018 and beyond. That way, your site does well and you get the visitors you deserve.



Content is really important to add to your website. You need to make sure that any text you add is well written and not found anywhere else online. If you can’t really come up with content yourself, there are plenty of services out there that hook you up with writers that can write about anything under the sun. Just make sure you’re not using anything like spinning software, because that can make your site look bad in the eyes of your visitors and to the search engine sites. Don’t skimp on cost, always use the best digital marketing & SEO company  that you can afford, or a good article service like I Need Articles.

You need to make sure you look up updates that are going to happen to search engine sites like Google. For instance, not too long ago they made it easier for mobile friendly sites to rank higher than sites that weren’t. You need to pay attention to how they are changing up their website so you can be aware of what’s going to have to change on your site for it to do well. See what your web page statistics look like and if you notice that you’re losing visitors, you should look up what has changed on your SEO blog or website.

You want to use videos to your advantage. Google owns YouTube, so they like to put video results in the search results these days for people to check out. If you can make a video that has the right keywords in the title and that is actually about something related to your niche, you can expect it to show up higher in results than other sites. If you don’t get used to video, you’re going to get left behind. Now people have smart phones that can stream videos easily on the go and most people have high speed internet so they are able to watch videos in an instance instead of having to read over a website.

If you’re serious about really doing well with your online marketing efforts, you really need to invest in software. The best software will allow you track how your keywords are performing on the major search engines, and will allow you to view the backlinks that your competitors are using and how they are ranking for various keywords. Remember information is potential power, but you need to know how to apply the information in a way that is good for your business.


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There are a lot of good SEO tactics for 2018 that you can use. Make sure your site is mobile optimized regularly since things can change over time with search engines. You want to stay on top of what’s going on every year so you’re always at the top when it comes to rankings.